The driving product behind POS Lifeline is the custom made How-To manual for programming the Micros POS. All of our experience in the hospitality industry has led us to develop a simple, step by step instructional manual that will walk you through various programming scenarios. Need to add a menu item? Fix the required condiments that show up when a menu item is selected? Make an item inactive? Program a special beer price or a special food menu item?

The Micros POS System User Guide is a 180 page reference that walks you through the programming process in a complete step by step approach. Written with the novice user in mind, each chapter comes complete with numerous screen shots. The manual leaves nothing to chance. No matter what your computer skill level is, you WILL be successful!

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How-To Manual

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The Micros Manual is finished!!!
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This Manual is for the RES 3000, 3700 and Res 4 System Only.

CLICK HERE to Download the TABLE of CONTENTSHow-To_Manual_files/Micros%20Table%20of%20Contents_1.pdf

Jason Thompson

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